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Preparing for an Icelandic Adventure: What to Do 1 Month Before Your Trip

I cannot believe that we leave for Iceland one month from today! I am so excited to embark on this journey with over 40 people. While we do have pre-departure meetings scheduled to cover some deep details-here are some other tips that I have found and wanted to pass along!

Tip #1 - Blue Lagoon Swimsuit

Getting in the Blue Lagoon is one of my bucket list items but I don't want to ruin my favorite swimsuit to do it! The minerals are so strong in the water that it can be hard to get out of your bathing suit and can create a strong smell. You may want to bring a plastic bag to keep it in so it does not stink up the rest of your clothing!

Tip #2 - Layers, Layers and More Layers

We can possibly experience a wide variety of weather from cold, to sunny, to rain- so make sure you dress in layers and I recommend that your outer layer is waterproof! I just picked up these Warm Socks and Thermal Shirts. I am always cold- so you may not need these things!

"You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly." – Icelandic Proverb

Tip #3 - Be comfortable

The time to see the northern lights is at night- so we may have some late evenings-potentially 11pm or midnight. I know that people can get crabby if they are tired so feel free to have your travel pillow if you want to cat-nap on the bus during our day drives! It is also fine to travel in leggings or some comfortable pants while on the bus.

Tip #4 - Carry snacks

I always have snacks in my backpack. I try to keep granola bars in case I need a little pickup and we can always pop into a market if you want some fresh fruit! Also- make sure you have a water bottle with you for refilling. These cliff bars are my favorite- I put the box in my suitcase and a few in my backpack. Plus- they have lots of flavor.

Tip #5 - Medications

It is better to have it and not need it-than to need it and not have it. Keep your medications in your carry on bag but also bring Tylenol, Dramamine, Tums, tissues, etc. I try to carry anything that I might need because you never know how easy it will be to find.

Tip #6 - Money

Icelandic Krona is the currency of Iceland however you do not need to have a large amount with you if any. Credit cards/Debit cards are widely accepted and tipping is already included in your bill. I do recommend having a little just in case but I would not worry about ordering ahead of time.

How excited are you for Iceland?

  • I missed the deadline but wish I could go!

  • Ready to go!

  • Still have some shopping to do but can't wait!

  • Eek- how did it get so close, I have lots to do!

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